Shannon asked 5 months ago

When was the last time something or someone creeped you out?


When was the last time something or someone creeped you out?

2-3 years ago when apparently one of my cousins from overseas was in love with me, in a romantic way. That was pretty creepy and awkward

Some guy I met in a pub bragging about his degrees and psychoanalysing me. I wouldn't say it creeped me out, but he was getting too personal and it rubbed me off the wrong way

A student of mine from last semester. He seriously gave me the creeps. Always nice and polite to my face but would slam dunk his tests in the trash when he thought he was out of sight (his scores were never above 20%). showed up to class everyday, but did zero homework, zero participation. Learned absolutely nothing. Then wrote me a lengthy email after the semester was over wanting a C because his future depended on it and I didn’t want to ruin his future did I?

When a man ran out into the middle of the street fully naked to get me to stop my car early in the morning. It was about 2 years ago.

Had a few people over for some drinks and one of them admitted they checked by mirror cupboard in the toilet to see what was in it. I still consider her a friend - but yeah not cool. I'd like to think she wouldn't have done that if she was sober.

I removed dirt blocking the sewage water. I had to slip inside the pipe with my bare hand. The feeling was horrible.

I think the lady who manages our building might have peeped on me once - I don't really wear pants at home and one day I'm in my underwear and I get a random text from her asking if I have lost weight. I said yeah somewhat and it was weird but I didn't think much of it, until I noticed she was slow-walking by my patio sliding doors like five or six times when there is absolutely nothing back there she would need access to