Shannon asked 3 months ago

Was you always a good student or was you a bad student?


Was you always a good student or was you a bad student?

I was terrible, at every subject and grade of primary school and high school

Mostly good but one time I said talk to me when you think I care about you to a teacher and another time after the substitute teacher took my earbuds I pulled out another pair 🤣🤣🤣

I was a decent student, but if I didn't find a subject interesting or important I wouldn't bother with it.

I did start with hopes but instantly found out their goals and mine did not match. Then I tried to correct course, did so, struggled with the system on all fronts was a bad student, then a miserable phase of misery followed. In the end I managed to become good and mostly happy.

I was great up until grad school. Grad school is where I met people who were much much smarter than I was. My ego took a hit and confidence went down low. I stopped going to classes, struggled for a year, failed a few classes. but then I got over the shock, picked up my act and finished strong.

If I ever went I'm sure I could be good. Lol I only went 5 times a month... maybe. I was a truant 😝🙂

I have had a bit of both. It wasn’t a straight continuum. I was an excellent student up until my early teens, then my habits became total 💩 and my grades dipped for a bit when I became mostly apathetic. Luckily, I was able to get myself together and remember who I had it in me to be.

Mostly good. But I tend to slack off too much and sometimes it's not so good.

Up to college I was a straight-A student. After that I was something in the middle.

something in between? My grades were good, my habits and attitude were not