Shannon asked 3 months ago

Have you ever been blocked by someone and you don't know why?


Have you ever been blocked by someone and you don't know why?

I've only blocked one person before, across all social media

Yes. I've been blocked on Facebook and didn't know why and I discovered I was blocked by Heloise on here.

Yes, but I guess I’ve never cared that much.

Yeah! makes me think they're being prejudiced/ableist. I get paranoid

On Twitter yes, there are people who you have never once interacted with who will block you just based on who you follow or what's in your bio or your politics or whatever

AFAIK I've been blocked by one person so far but I know why.

Only BenJason because I pointed out his broken vow, called out his racism and laughed at his ridiculous lies!

I remember two such incidents. I suspect the reason was moronic.

Many times lol. Being unfollowed by ppl on twitter makes me wonder more. I remember being unfollowed by people after they followed me for a few yrs amd we even spoken on occasion, then just stopped with no explanation

Yeah I've been blocked. I think I know why though, it was because I was a little short with them in the last conversation (all civil and stuff, but you know when conversations turn kind of circular?) then when they wanted to talk to me again I didn't reply on the day. It was about 2 days before I was free again (dealing with stuff with my house) and then realise she deleted her facebook - turns out she didn't and I was blocked. Tried reaching out to them to explain I got caught up in things - but ultimately its probably for the best (I could be completely wrong about the reason though - but if its not that then I have no idea).