Shannon asked 2 months ago

Can an opinion be wrong?


Can an opinion be wrong?

If it's trying to state a fact, yes. Although a fact is just something that needs evidence to prove it. Unless they're lying or genuinely remembering it wrong, it's correct. Is it based on fact or a thought? Where did the fact come from? And so on.

Yes, opinions are like assholes everyone has one and sometimes its dirty😄

Opinions about ontological/objective things/facts can be wrong, like "In my opinion, the earth is flat." Opinions about preferences or other subjective things like "Strawberry is the best flavor of ice cream" can't be wrong.

Opinions consist of assumed things, believed things and a bit of facts. So they often are meh to an astonishing extent.

I think so since many opinions come from ignorance and that's why they're opinions and no facts.

Yup. I'm thinking whether most opinion are wrong or not.

It can be unethical, but not really wrong

YES, many of them are wrong, please bring them to me and I will be more than happy to correct them, consider it a public service 😛