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Have you ever tried edibles and if you have what happend?


Have you ever tried edibles and if you have what happend?

I ate cookies once. After three hours later I felt as if I was inside a giant glass bubble. It made me feel awful.

I use them. I don't really like smoking in any form so they're good. You have to be careful of dosages. But they've gotten better at properly measuring them out. 🙂

A couple of times, most of the time they did fuck all, but I did manage to get a strong one that made me whitey. I thought it would help me get an early night's sleep for college. The next morning, I woke up with really bad heartburn and chest pains, I really needed to vomit but nothing came out. I tried to get out of bed for college, but I just ended up collapsing because my legs were weak and shaky 😂 I had no choice but to tell my mum that I was hungover. I managed to make it to my last class, but I looked like a corpse

I have - it was fine. Not the world changing experience people say it is. Just watched a movie with a friend, was just kind of chill, like red wine chill.

Yes … I’ll tell you what happened .. I ate a piece - nothing. I had another piece - nothing. I had a third piece - nothing. After I don’t know how many pieces … it suddenly hit me. I was fine, and then I was a ghost sinking through the earth. For about 12 hours. 😔 I’ve never been properly high.

I had two once. Only time I've had THC or any drugs beside caffeine or alcohol in my life. It had a very slight, underwhelming effect for a few minutes, then about a half an hour later I was lying in bed and I was forgetting everything I thought just after I thought it. After a while of this (scary) process, it caused some kind of spiritual awakening, where I felt like I could feel my life force/spirit, after decades of being tattered and supressed, residing in various parts of my body, shifting from one part to the other. I also had thoughts that I should do something catastrophic to aliven me and save my soul. I didn't, [...]

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I did the rookie move where I gobbled a brownie and thought I didn't feel anything and so ate a couple more and then it was 36 hours later and I don't know how I got home