Shannon asked about 2 months ago

What's your opinion on plus size?


What's your opinion on plus size?

Whatever size is comfortable but it's rarely as simple as that

Plus size women or plus size clothing? While the plus size clothing is not my cup of tea though I also like loose fits I have a few friends plus size or more who I really do like a lot.

I dont think I have an opinion on that. Its just another size

It's good to have clothing available in all sizes, that can improve a company's public image. Plus, it makes people feel better with themselves.

"plus size" is an awful Orwellian corporate euphemism to psychologically protect people from the fact that they're fat. And I say this as someone who wears XL shirts. It's also the result of the normalization of obesity and being overweight, which is probably due to unethical food producers. It could also be due to skyrocketing depression rates, which are probably due to increasing technology if not to, again, unethical food producers.

It's good that companies are trying to be more accommodating with plus size women, I'm glad this whole "I can't wear that, I'm too big to pull it off" is dying out. But some of their ideas of plus size women is ridiculous, some of them think size 10-12 is plus size.

As in clothing? Or just kinda bigger people in general? I don't guess it matters to me because I want people to find their happiness, whatever size that comes in, waste of life and time trying to police random people's waistlines...and it's not a dealbreaker for me sexually either, if I'm into her I'm into her, saddle up and let's goooo

I get why its there (to make people feel less conscious of the actual size - i.e. XXXL or 40), but I'd prefer to just deal with the size rather than be seen as a 'plus size' customer.