Shannon asked about 2 months ago

Would you be a step parent?


Would you be a step parent?

No thanks. I can barely survive my own kid. I would not willingly take on anyone else’s.

Yes but I believe even that shouldn't be taken lightly. Raised as if they were your own kid. In my opinion, should be the respect.

Yes, but without the kids. I just want to embody the stepmom vibe. Stepmomcore.

If I fell for somebody who had kids and they wanted to get married, then yeah I suppose I'm gonna be a stepdad, hey unrelated but do they still have boarding schools and military academies you can send kids off to? 😛

Maybe. I tend to shy away from girls on dating sites that have children, just because I don't think I would make a good parent. But if I met the right girl maybe I could be convinced, or convince myself, to brave it out.