Shannon asked about 2 months ago

Would you date someone much younger than you?


Would you date someone much younger than you?

Yes. I don't believe in the stigma against age-gap relationships. I especially don't believe in the stupid, arbitrary half your age plus seven rule.

Well, I'm not that old for it to be said 'much younger' but yes

up to a point yeah, I mean if she needs a fake ID to get into a bar that's Baby Jesus trying to tell me something

What’s much younger? Like my kid's age? Absolutely not!! 5 years younger? Maybe if I were single.

I would and I have but in terms of balance the matureness should be more or less equal. Age wise I think a difference of about 10 years is on the sane side, much higher difference can happen, but I doubt the experience will be nice for both parties in the end. But who knows?