Shannon asked about 2 months ago

What's your opinion on telling people what they can and can't eat?


What's your opinion on telling people what they can and can't eat?

Hate it. Obviously those silica packets are actually delicious and full of essential vitamins and minerals and they simply want them all for themselves

I mean the can tell me all they want, i'm still gonna eat what wanna eat. lol

Wrong. Eat what you like, no reason to put some sort of crazy limit on it...unless it's weird things like wood, a shopping cart, lightbulbs..basically anything that isn't classified as "food"

got to do what mom and dad say when your at their home

I would likely eat it all because I rarely refuse food

This makes me think of the anti-GMO advocates in specific, there are people - affluent, comfortable people - who want to stop foods containing GMOs from being donated to starving countries, literally snatching food away from starving's OK to advocate a position, then at some point you gotta back off and let people come to that decision for themselves

Are you a nutritionist or medical expert or in charge of someone’s health? I’m fine with it. If you’re, not… then shut 👏🏼 your 👏🏼 mouth!

I'm not here to police taste or food but I might express my surprise about some more or less wise decisions people make.

If I were supreme dictator, it would be illegal to sell unhealthy food, or maybe you could sell it but with some mechanism for regulating how much of it individuals eat. I know it's authoritarian, but it would be the only way to get people to eat healthy. It would make people healthier and happier, and would also significantly reduce the cost of health insurance and Medicare.