Shannon asked about 2 months ago

What's your opinion on female only spaces?


What's your opinion on female only spaces?

i think it's good. everyone should have somewhere they feel safe

You mean other then women's restrooms? Didn't realize places like that existed

Can I have spaces where white people aren't allowed? šŸ¤” Seriously public spaces are one thing but if it's a private space and the owner wants to create such a space then whatever do it you're not hurting my feelings I will take my penis and male gaze elsewhere TYVM

They are useful retreats and shelter those women who have no other means to be protected from violent spouses.

sounds like a good and useful thing for those females who want to hang out in female-only spaces, so, if there's a demand for them, they should exist. it seems like it would be problematic nowadays because anyone can identify as female, unless you only allow biological females. i guess some female-only spaces could be accepting of people identifying as female, they could have members that don't mind it or they could happen to have only one or two transgenders and have a small number of members who are uncomfortable with that so they could just suck it up.