Shannon asked about 2 months ago

How do you deal with temper tantrums?


How do you deal with temper tantrums?

If he throws a temper tantrum when we’re out and about, we will immediately leave and go home. If it happens at home and he can’t be calmed down by hugs and reasonable solutions, he is asked to go to the “relaxing” room. It’s the biggest room in the house, equipped with toys, books, comfy seating, a fireplace, and wall to ceiling windows facing the backyard. I go to him once he has calmed down and we snuggle for a bit. Seems to be working for now. But like any other methods, it’s bound to outrun its usefulness soon.

ignore them, I will be in the living room when you're done

I do let it out in form of verbal madness plus more or less extreme fantasies with violence plus torture. In rare occasions I have smashed small items too, but that is really rare. Violent cursing is definitely my thing.

Having no will to inflict it on others. I was that way when I was younger. Also why it's no good for me to be full of anger, and disrespectful towards people. When my view on people turns negative I'm more likely to vent it at people.

So, keeping my respect and care for people healthy, is my way. Genuinely believing nobody outside of me deserves my anger.