Shannon asked 14 days ago

What's your opinion on matching Christmas PJs?


What's your opinion on matching Christmas PJs?

If everyone's into it, all right. Don't like it when it's forcing the kids to pretend to have #Christmasmagic.

It's fine when you have young kids, but forcing them as they get older is just cringe.

If that’s what you like, then go for it. Here it’s common for families to get matching pjs for a holiday family picture. The older kids in school sometimes like to get matching pjs with friends for “pajama day” (spirit day at school before the winter break). Whatever makes you happy. :)

I'm all for people feeling positive - but its not for me.

lol .. this is not something I would want for myself but I wouldn't spoil sport if somebody else likes that by making mean comments.

Got a pair for husband and son. They love matching.

I keep trying it but no one will ever wear them with me!! 😭 nah really I'm not that fussed about it, good for people who are into it, I'm lowkey jealous of their ability to experience joy