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I’m only here so I don’t get fined

Providence, R.I.
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Pandy asked 6 days ago · 9 answers

What do you prefer - thin burger patties or a thick juicy burger?

Neither honestly. A thin burger isn’t really a meal and a big burger is just disgusting

Arthur asked 7 days ago · 5 answers

At the grocery. Cake: 20 moneys/kg. Chocolate mousse: 20 moneys/kg. Cake with chocolate mousse: 30 moneys/kg. Do grocery owners think us consumers are dumb?

Daniel asked 8 days ago · 14 answers

What does it feel like to do math?

It’s very frustrating until you remember that math is based on rules, and then once you identify those rules and where to apply them it becomes easy. But then the subject changes and it gets hard again. I don’t like it

Arthur asked 8 days ago · 9 answers

A person was driving in my city and heard a thump on the roof. It turns out a single fish had fallen down onto his car out of nowhere. Is that proof that the supernatural exists?

Shannon asked 8 days ago · 8 answers

Have you ever been to the Maldives?

Pandy asked 8 days ago · 8 answers

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being 'not at all', 10 being 'extremely') how exhausted are you? (for those that are both productive and exhausted... why do you think that is...?)

I’m not exhausted at all necessarily, but I comprehend the importance of sleep and I feel like I can’t function unless I have some time alone with just me and my thoughts. However, I realize this can also be seen as wasteful

Pandy asked 8 days ago · 7 answers

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being 'terrible', 10 being 'I'm basically a machine) how productive are you?

I’m productive in terms of work and physical forms of fitness, but I don’t do a very good job with personal projects and maintaining friendships

BidenLadysMan asked 8 days ago · 1 answer
Pandy asked 8 days ago · 6 answers

What is something about yourself you take the most pride in?

Man I’m a Leo don’t get me started or we might end up being here all day

LaDamaX asked 8 days ago · 14 answers

To cut or not to cut???… that’s the question,

Pandy asked 8 days ago · 7 answers

What was the last nice thing someone did for you?

I don’t know some old lady handed me a Valentine’s Day card that she made at work

Dingus asked 9 days ago · 7 answers

Did you forget to put on socks and underwear today? Don't you know it's weasel day? I pray for your soul if you forgot 🙏💀

Kate Matsuda asked 9 days ago · 6 answers

On Wednesday the carnival people here actually burnt the god of carnival. Each year a big straw puppet is burnt and thrown into a river that symbolises the spirit of carnival. And with it all sins and the fun and the joy and the laughter is washed away and people start the lent season. Do you have any pagan rituals where you live?

With all due respect Kate every time you tell us about this festival the more convinced I am that it’s really just a death cult and you need help immediately

Dingus asked 10 days ago · 7 answers

What image pops into your head when you close your eyes, hold your nose and turn clockwise?

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