Daniel asked about 1 year ago

What's your favorite type of transport?


What's your favorite type of transport?

Wonkamobile. I like to arrive at my destination foamy, partially blinded, and wet as hell.

Tŕain. I don't really like any public transport though but I've used trains the most

Walking is the best for short distances... I quite like high speed trains for wider distances.

Walking. I’d love to be able to walk everywhere. Unfortunately it’s not very practical since I live far from useful places. Also… i sweat a lot and I don’t want to reach my destination all wet and stinky.

Train. But that also got the good, the bad and the ugly. The good: you can be tired or exhausted and you mostly get home still. The bad: they often offer no train at the right time. The ugly: crowded and not punctual and people crammed in behave like shit.

In this country, probably cars. I'd say trains if they were faster. From the city I live in to my hometown, it usually takes about 6 hours by car but 12 hours by train. I guess trains are a lot faster in other countries.

I like high speed subway systems, I feel like they can help save the environment by reducing our carbon footprint...I mean, take a look at Rail systems in places like Japan. Why don't we in the US have anything like that? I mean we have train systems, but they take tons of hours as a commute, if we were able to have our own bullet train system, that would be amazing.

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