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What's the most beautiful city that you have been to?


What's the most beautiful city that you have been to?

Lots of cities have beautiful areas while the rest is rundown and grotty. Warsaw and Gdańsk have stunning ‘old towns’ which are totally hemmed in by ugly 1960s brutalist office blocks and industrial sites. Rome is stunning, but it’s filthy and covered in graffiti. Budapest is the same, with the added bonus of prostitutes everywhere - the stop single men in the street and ask if they want a good time kind of prostitutes. (Maybe that makes Budapest more attractive! Who knows?) I think one of the most beautiful (and greatly underestimated) cities is Vienna. It’s got the lot - stunning architecture, loads of culture, excellent [...]

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hm, hard to tell. there's something nice about Oulu though...

I think they’ve all had a combo of ugly and some pretty… that is EXCEPT Bakersfield, California.

It's hard to say. Every city that I've been to...it was chosen for some reason. All of them had their beautiful parts and not that beautiful ones. Aesthetically speaking, maybe Bruges was the most beautiful or charming for me together with Venice. I didn't expect that I liked it as much as I did. I don't know why but I find quite difficult to answer this type of questions where I have to choose one thing or say my favorite one because it's not that simple. I feel like omitting or ignoring a thousand of feelings or factors when I have to do it 😪

I would have to say Las Vegas. Especially at night with all the lights and the fountains at the Bellagio