Daniel asked 2 months ago

How was your year?


How was your year?

The first majority of it was terrible. Alone, regrets, no one to talk to or engage with, etc. Losing good friends is terrible, especially when it's your own fault. It was a lonely year, but I am now on a cocktail of medications that are helping with my mood.

Pretty good, despite the Janurary incident. PAX unplugged this weekend was an absolute blast

One of my best yet, despite it having some of my harder moments.

Quite challenging and life-changing tbh.

Honestly its been shit in a lot of ways (housing repairs still not complete after flooding in 2021 - it looks fine my house - just works aren't complete, my dad's got brain cancer, grandads health is really going, the world is generally going to shit with the cost of living crisis)... but there has been some good too, got to do a more tourism than I have in previous years, decent pay rise at work, completed by professional diploma, tried some fun new experiences... but yeah the bads outweight the goods this year.

Just building up to be more stable, then study and work next year.

It has been OK. Nor my best nor my worst year of all.

I let loose more things than the years before. But not all things we leave behind are losses.

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