Daniel asked 6 months ago

Is it okay to listen to music from Kanye West?


Is it okay to listen to music from Kanye West?

I mean, if you already purchased something from him and can stomach listening to those, fine… but you shouldn’t support these horrible, racist, trashy trumpian roaches that crawled out of the woodworks because it sends the wrong message to the rest of them. Ppl need to be racist in secret ok? airing that shit out should not be normalized.

When you're jewish, listen to it exclusively on the toilet, and didn't pay for it

I mean people still listen to Michael Jackson too. However, personally I feel uncomfortable when I listen to bands/artists who've done/said horrible things. I specifically don't like to contribute to their wealth by listening to their songs on streaming services.

To me music is independent of the artist's personal life.

NO and I am working on an app that delivers a 10 milliamp shock from your device when you listen to Kanye on it...seriously though yeah, there is no right answer for everyone, your reaction to any work of art is yours and yours alone...if you can separate the art from the artist, that's fine, but it's also fine if you can't

I have this same dilemma when I listen to Chris Brown bc I still enjoy listening to him sing. The answer is… I don’t know.

I mean, I still listen to Megadeth despite Dave Mustaine's odd political views

Of course. Use this morality litmus test: whom does it hurt? How does it hurt anyone to listen to Kanye West? Is the fear that somehow his antisemitism will leak out of his music and into your brain? Please. I think the stigma of listening to an artist because they have controversial views borders on being, for lack of a better word, superstitious.

I think it is, but for me it never was a sort of music I did like. Now that he seems to be lunatic there is not much music to expect from him further?

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