Daniel asked 9 days ago

Do you get your teeth cleaned professionally once or twice a year?


Do you get your teeth cleaned professionally once or twice a year?

In Iran, I only did it once before I came to the US. At the moment I don't have any dental insurance. I plan to apply for it in Spring. It offers teeth cleaning twice a year.

"Professionals". I do my own research, and clean my teeth myself exclusively with undiluted apple cider vinegar

Insurance pays for two so i get two

You bet, take a gander at these pearl whites. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

4 times a year (currently), I am wearing a retainer from braces and I build up tartar really fast (my teeth are perfectly fine otherwise).

I have a flatrate with an insurance that allows me to technically get an infinite amount of professional cleanings per year for the cost of one, so I use it quarterly.

I get them cleaned once every six months, but, due to a change in my mouth, my hygienist suggested I start getting them cleaned every four months. I think it might be because of the one tooth in the back that has a crown that crumbled a little bit, leaving empty spaces in my gums. I don't remember. We'll see if they have their sh*t together and actually start scheduling me every four months instead of six--I'm not about to remind them.

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