Daniel asked 2 months ago

Were you ever hurt by something that someone said on retrospring?


Were you ever hurt by something that someone said on retrospring?

pissed, sure... but no, only Mother has the power to hurt me with words 😭

Yes, once a French scientist said I didn't have a degree and honestly it hurt me so much I cried for days

I’ve been annoyed, peeved, aggrieved, saddened, irritated, vexed, aggravated, brassed off, cheesed off, pissed off, ticked off, taken the hump, gotten my dander and my goat up. Been driven up the wall, around the bend, even to distraction. But hurt? Yes.

Sure. I'm bothered, and even hurt at least on some level, by stuff I read or see online from time to time. Retrospring isn't going to be an exception, or the one part of the internet where I'm suddenly completely indifferent. I'm a facetious person so I can cope with reality, but I'm not an apathetic person.

The people who are laughing and saying no aren't being honest with themselves. Nearly everyone is hurtable with words, even online, that's why they always insult you back when you insult them. If they weren't hurt, they wouldn't feel the need. The disconnect between reality and what they're saying is why they're starting it with "lol", "lmfao", etc., which also indicates immaturity. Disappointing. They're deathly afraid of appearing vulnerable/weak, because it's not cool. Anyway, yeah, I've been pretty hurt by something someone said here.

Yes, everything Pandy says is borderline hurtful. πŸ˜’

There have been some gross insults but nothing that did stick deep enopugh to cause any pain longer than a minute.

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