Daniel asked 2 months ago

What would you do all day if you were retired?


What would you do all day if you were retired?

Listen to music, research languages, writing, meditation, spirituality. Keep growing for life.

Watch movies, read books, cook, bake, play board games, go on adventures, etc.

Travelling if i can afford it. Becoming a foster home dogs again. Trying to dedicate more time to my physical and mental health....

I can’t see myself doing nothing the whole day. I think I might volunteer.

I'm going to be one of those people who drops dead 3 days in

ideally not scream at computers as much as I do now…

Just vibe in my coffin. Bc the only kind of retired I'll ever be is the kind of retired replicants get

I don't work so whatever I'm doing now

Shoplift. Ain't mall cop gonna tackle a 70 year old bitch

Sleep until I awake without an alarm. Delete the phonecalls on my answering machine and mobile phone. Then visit a spa for a full body plus mental treatment. Sit in a cafe with my best friend and chat. Read the books I always wanted to read and order new coffee. Go to the archery club and exercise. Organize photo shootings. Spoil the kids of the neighbours. Travel to Flanders and visit any and all old inner cities. Call my partner and beg for hugs. See my partner for longest cuddle sessions ever. Attend college courses on AI and quantum computing......

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