Daniel asked about 2 months ago

What does an electron look like in your imagination?


What does an electron look like in your imagination?

Probably little blue balls.

Also, this reminded me of raisins. Probably because of Thomson's raisin cake model.

Like the ball of a Van der Graaf generator, with all the static coming off it. Hurtling around. Really small. Bouncing off things. Did you know there was a band called ‘Van der Graaf Generator’? No, neither did I.

a lil photon but... solidified. maybe. they are weird.

I imagine it moving super fast in a confined region and you see its “trail” as a cloud. But warning .. I’m not knowledgeable in chemistry. I’ve only taken one chem class in my entire life, 20 years ago.

Kate drinking a margarita while riding a broom 🧹

When necessary I imagine them as tiny blue balls with a white minus sign on their belly. As soon as spin features are required they lose all this charm and just are faceless bitches. I never could imagine them being hit by an arrow that is stuck and the tip is out and the feather is south. Never.

little red balls with a minus sign on them like the science books say 🤡

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