Daniel asked 4 months ago

Did you ever experience an earthquake?


Did you ever experience an earthquake?

Yeah, I experienced kind of a medium-level one [probably 5.5 Richter] when I was a kid. It happened in the middle of the night. I remember after the earthquake, the whole neighborhood spent the night on the street thinking that there might be another bigger one in the following hours. Though, we went inside a couple of minutes after the quake and slept. I couldn't sleep though because I felt terrified ...

Yeah, for over a decade now we've had an increasing number of earthquakes caused by the oil and gas industry's wastewater disposal wells. The worst was magnitude 5.8, and I lived just under an hour away from it. So it only shook the windows, and some things fell from shelves.

Yes I did, it was years ago and it happened while I was on the toilet.

Yep - slept through like a 4.5 one when I was in the Greek Islands. It damaged a neighbouring swimming pool so it seems like I may have been the only one to remain asleep - but when I was a kid it would take a lot to wake me :)

we had one recently and i slept through it 💤 so i figure if it’s the end of the world you’ll just find me sleeping peacefully through it

We have them every now and then but the epicenter tends to be far enough and the magnitude low enough to where it's not scary. Just some furniture rocking around

Yes, it was minor. Nowhere near as bad as the real quakes

When I remember correctly there were five I did sense myself.

yeah, it wasn't a huge one, I wanna say it was like somewhere between 4 and 5 on the Richter scale...I just remember being half-asleep and the room shook for like 8 seconds and I had to figure out if I was dreaming or not

I woke up to my bed swinging back and forth at my aunt's house in Fresno, CA once when I was little. Minor earthquake. For many years I'd thought my two cousins had shaken my bed to play a prank on me.

I slept through one. My parents asked me that morning if I felt it and I had no idea it even happened.

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