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How well can your parents use a computer?


How well can your parents use a computer?

well enough to block me or leave me on read? I wouldn't know

My mom can only use her phone a lil bit. She didn't have a phone till last year! I bought her one and taught her how to use it. My dad is a bit better with computers but always asks me about his computer problems.

Dad is passable. Mum is... well she could be passable if she applied herself and didn't rely on help.

They're both good with computers. They have a ton of trouble with phones.

They make computer programs and porn movies screening.

My mom is pretty decent; she can do more than most people her age that I have to help with computer things at work. My dad was really good, we were a household that had a family computer growing up before all my school friends did and he fixed computers. He was very into computers when he was alive so I’d imagine he’d be really good still.

Not super well. Dad can do basic web browsing, mom can do that but is less comfortable so she doesn't do it as often

My father is fully competent - on Windows. My mother can barely use an old style mobile phone.

My mom’s great. She’s even taken computer programming courses and it really good at it. My father needs directions repeated to him constantly. One time I had forgotten important papers at home and just having him scan and send me those pics took like 2 hours

My dad is alright, but I still need to help him with certain things. My mum wouldn't have a clue

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