Daniel asked 2 months ago

Do you miss your childhood?


Do you miss your childhood?

Not really. Even though my time in school was far from a good one, I had a fulfilling childhood in the things I did and experienced, but I do not need to redo/relive it somehow.

As an adult I have the money and the ability to do things my way and when I want to do them, so that's even better.

I miss not having anxiety and not having health issues.

no, I do not miss my childhood, but I miss the feeling of energized focused wild creativity from then.

I'm sure there are some happy parts I miss but I am happy to leave it all in the past

I had a good childhood. Lots of fun. But I don’t miss it.

hard to miss something I barely remember. But hypothetically I miss pieces of it. I’d love to go back to visit a few things.

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