death is a reassuring thought.. don’t you think?

long island, ny
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isla. asked 3 months ago · 1 answer

happy friday! weekend is just at the corner, any movie recommendation? 🍿

i recently watched ‘coherence’! it’s quite confusing but if you like high tension kind, you may consider that.

isla. asked 2 months ago · 1 answer

one thing that you’d like to thank yourself for in this beginning of october. 🩷

thank you for surviving october.. for making amends with yourself and choose a new path of happiness.

Mad asked 20 days ago · 4 answers

Do you believe love in first sight?

i think i do.. i had this cute crush back in elementary school. kind of silly, but still! that counts, right?

Audene asked 4 months ago · 4 answers

how did the first half of 2023 treat you? hope the remaining months will bring us all blissful memories to look forward to!

this is so sweet.. ; __ ; thank you, dearest. i hope it will go well for your future endeavors. please be healthy so you may do every single thing in your bucket list this year ♥

Jo asked 4 months ago · 5 answers

Time for a check up! How's everyone doing? We're on the 3rd of August already, hope everyone's doing well. Lagi sibuk apa temen-temen?

hemlo to the sweetest!!!! it’s already the fourth and now i’m super scared. i mean, i can’t believe we only have a few months left for 2023. there's a lot of things i want to do and yet i am not able to achieve, still. i have not been in a good condition (mentally) but i am grateful that my body is still coping up with all the stress. i hope you will remain healthy as well, love. semoga bulan agustus jadi bulan yang menyenangkan untuk jojo <3

Natasha asked 5 months ago · 3 answers

Mind to tell me your favorite rom-com movies? I need some recommendations!

aku belum banyak nonton filmnya ayang, maaf.. bukan film tapi ini series di netflix, judulnya ‘flea bag’!

Katie asked 5 months ago · 5 answers

After taking a glimpse of your past and overcoming its hardships, would you say you’re proud of yourself for how far you’ve come? Please give yourself a pat on the back for me if you believe that.

there are times when i think i am not worthy.. but, thankfully, it never gets to me. i don’t let the thought linger more than necessary. by that alone, i want to say that i’m proud of myself for putting things i prioritize first before my insecurities. even though it keeps getting harder as i grow older, i want to at least remind myself that i am okay, at the moment. and hopefully i will continue to be.

Jo asked 5 months ago · 6 answers

For scientific purpose, what do you do when you're feeling unworthy?

i will do the things that boost my confidence. or, things that can calm the storm in my mind. for the former i do something i enjoy to do.. like my hobby? i like making cute edits and usually i will find the inspirations first or make a sketch first from what i have in my mind, then start putting the things together (i can not simply do it without collecting the ideas). for the latter, i read. i ask around to friends whom i know love reading books, and i will take their suggestion into account. reading calms my mind the most. and while i learn something new out of it, it helps me gain confidence.

Gabriel K. asked 5 months ago

kapan kapan nonton anime bareng yuu

Jo asked 6 months ago · 6 answers

What's your on repeat these days?

Mikala asked 6 months ago

How do you define love?

when i don’t have to explain myself but am still understood, when comfort is also defined by respect and boundaries. it isn’t just about how i feel butterflies in my stomach because there will always be a space for hesitance hence reassurance is everything to me.

cherice, aurielle. asked 6 months ago · 8 answers

Selamat hari Selasa, gak sabar bentar lagi weekend 😍😍😍

wanderer asked 6 months ago

thoughts on ilya?

sarcastic, hostile, simp, nerd, genshin addict, recently turning into an emo (i guess), would judge you for something silly that you do /j. but he would, if you don’t know a certain “old” reference. have his ways with words and show affection to his friends by being mean. would teach you about something you don’t understand, and could be very patient and keen on it. would explain about a reference you don’t know and make it sound interesting you want to try it for yourself. speaks good english! have high level of comprehension unlike some people (me).

Jo asked 7 months ago · 6 answers

Please recommend me any activities to do on a free day. 😴

joyi!! kakak lagi suka nonton dr. cha. itu lumayan lucu dan light, aku suka nonton waktu gabut hehe.

Zion asked 6 months ago · 3 answers

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with yourself? Like sometimes you just wanna get out of your body and run away?

i want to run away every single time. i don’t know about getting out of my body though.. it sounds creepy 😹

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