Arthur asked 4 months ago ยท 12 answers

How good are you at rapping?

No talent in that area.

P.S. I asked ChatGPT to rap about Christmas in Eminem's style and this is the output:

Yo, it's the most wonderful time of the year,
When the snow falls and the lights are bright and clear,
The fire's burning, the cookies are baking,
The stockings are hung, the tree is shaking

But as I sit here, all alone in my chair,
I can't help but feel the weight of the air,
Memories of Christmases past, they haunt me still,
The pain and the hurt, the loneliness and the chill

But I won't let it bring me down, I won't let it win,
I'll put on a smile, and let the love flow within,
I'll reach out to others, and share what I can,
Merry Christmas to all, I'll do the best I can

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