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Arman asked 6 months ago

How do you lift a curse?


How do you lift a curse?

Lemme watch more Jujutsu Kaisen and then get back to you

I can't help you there, I majored in getting cursed. And the first couple things you need to remember if you want to get cursed is to touch every single antique spinning wheel you see, and admonish every single uncomely elderly woman asking you for even a small amount of help.

By help of powerful protective runes or you kick the sources of the curse into their respective arses.

Well it depends on the curse, far too many possibilities to go into much detail here, but the best catch-all solution is to find the caster and persuade them to unhex you, with kind words or a hammer, whatever I'm not here to judge

Depending on the curse. You can do a banishing for little or medium curses. For big curses you can use my sandals.

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