Arman asked 2 months ago

When was the last time someone rizzed you up?


When was the last time someone rizzed you up?

I don't know what that means, I've never heard that word.

That word cracks me up. I’m not sure who has rizzed me up lately. I’m not the best at reading interest in others. Most of the time I just interpret that sort stuff as friendliness.

Last month this girl wouldn't believe I was single and asked to see my phone, I handed it to her and she asks me to unlock it and I did, she looks at me and hands it back without looking and said she just wanted to see if I got defensive about it...she pulled out her phone, hands it to me, and asks me to put my number in it, I am such a stud wow lemme tell ya

Shared a bed with a friend who in her dream thought it was time to leave grabbed both of my shoulders and shook me and rizzed me up : Get up! Get up! Get up! I had to comfort her afterwards. She felt so guilty!

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