Anonymous asked 11 months ago

i remember sending you an ahegao!wwx thing on curiouscat & i think it was around the time this website stopped working so i guess you've never read it? i have no idea if that's smth you're into (tbh i would say im usually neutral about it) BUT i just love this idea of wwx being so wrecked by lwj that he makes the weirdest faces when he comes and lwj is super into and wwx is completely unaware he makes those faces

OH probably not... i logged into curiouscat for the first time since it went down yesterday and i don't think i saw it? although i did see someone asking me about pregixan hahaha. but yes i'm into it 👀 and i agree 👀 wwx getting so fucked out that he can't control his facial expressions and doesn't know how desperate/slutty he looks and both his expressions and not being aware of them make lwj even more hot for him 👀👀👀

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