Arthur asked over 1 year ago

What's your opinion on tabloid journalism?


What's your opinion on tabloid journalism?

Most of the popular tabloid media not only the "journalism" they use is propaganda and meant to spread conservative beliefs, Nazi ideas, primitive prejudices, general stupidity and conspiracy theories.

I think its stories told on actual events. But the thing with stories is they're told in ways that take away from the actual news - and in the worst case scenarios end up ultimately being sensationalist propaganda.

it's junk, but hey if it's called a tabloid the majority agrees it's not to be taken seriously.

mainstream media not doing factual and neutral reporting is far more dangerous, because that breaks the trust it established and veers people into the perma-tabloid tier news sources that in the moment did better.

Evil, because they lie to people. Or if people read it just for entertainment not caring if it's true, they're dishonest and have no integrity. Unless they take for granted that it's false and just like seeing how absurd it is or seeing somebody else's creativity or sth, idk.

At least their sleazy 'reporting' isn't used to justify bombing and oppressing brown people

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