Autistic Pride 666

the guy in my profile pic isn't me. he was a tormented autist in a normie world, did something horrible from that.

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Arthur asked about 20 hours ago · 7 answers

Would you rather have beautiful arms or a beautiful forehead?

arms I think! hat and hair is good for covering forehead

faho asked 3 days ago · 9 answers

Are you a furry?

Dingus asked 1 day ago · 9 answers

Do you think you're nice enough?

Pandy asked 1 day ago · 10 answers

Are your parents or guardians proud of you? (why do you think that?)

Dingus asked 4 days ago · 9 answers

Has a meal ever left you feeling mad?

Dingus asked 4 days ago · 8 answers

What are you!

BidenLadysMan asked 5 days ago · 1 answer

I'm still full from Thanksgiving.. so one of you lucky darlings gets to take this tub of cocca butter and massage it onto my bloated belly while I purr. So who's it gonna be?😁

LaDamaX asked 5 days ago · 7 answers

What is something you bought that’s supposed to have one purpose, but you use it for something else?

oh my I can't begin to know , never bought much things myself

BidenLadysMan asked 4 days ago · 1 answer

UPDATE: Good news PS5 is working currently copying and apparently upgrading PS4 versions of Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales. Bad news both will likely take all night to complete.. DAMN YOU MODERN TECHNOLOGY I JUST WANNA PLAY A GAME.. 😭😭. Well anyway guess we're picking this up tomorrow #1stworldproblems 🤣🤣

A asked 5 days ago · 7 answers

If you could gain powers beyond believable reality but at the cost of your emotions and who you are, would you choose it?

Maybe! being like Homelander, a guy on a show I'm not allowed to watch, would be rad!

A asked 5 days ago · 6 answers

What piques your curiosity?

BidenLadysMan asked 5 days ago · 1 answer

last week Jason David Frank committed suicide. For those who don't know he was the original Green power ranger. He's very big in that Fandom. I felt terrible about it too. I was browsing Instagram and came across his daughter. She wrote a very nice post about her dad. She's in her 20's now. But looking at her past posts, she has tons of thirsty pics. Like dude, for real. Her parents are active on the platform. They see their daughter's titties. It's disrespectful tbh why, what is the urge to do that😒

Arman asked 5 days ago · 11 answers

Do your thirst traps work?

🌺 AnayaOhNo asked 5 days ago · 9 answers

🌹 what is the best thing to invest in, that fulfills you?

Milk makes me fulfilled and wanting to moo

Dingus asked 5 days ago · 8 answers

What are you wearing ATM?

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