the guy in my profile pic isn't me. he was a tormented autist in a normie world, did something horrible from that...

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LaDamaX asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

When’s the last time you “self-cared”? What did you do for yourself?

Arman asked 4 days ago · 11 answers

Have you ever been financially abused? By whom?

a guy asked me for money, a few times over again, didn't pay me back

A asked 4 days ago · 8 answers

Are you into something that may not be considered 'normal'?

I've broken apart pieces of crap I've found outside to see if anythings in it.

Arman asked 6 days ago · 11 answers

I'm a registered ___.

Dingus asked 3 days ago · 5 answers

How do you say please? With your mouth or with your eyes?

Daniel asked 8 days ago · 20 answers

Do you wear glasses?

not yet , probably within 10-15 years maybe !

A asked 6 days ago · 9 answers

What stings the most?

A asked 6 days ago · 10 answers

Do you have a favourite day of the week?

Pandy asked 7 days ago · 16 answers

Do you like subtitles in film/games/tv?

LaDamaX asked 7 days ago · 14 answers

What are you too young for?

Dingus asked 7 days ago · 6 answers

If you brew your own coffee, what do you add to enhance it if anything at all?

Something vanilla usually is the best way IMO.

Sean ⚡🤖 asked 9 days ago · 11 answers

Who would you consider the WORST movie character of all time? (Define 'worst' however you like)

Ursela in the Little Mermaid is one!
Also De Niro in This Boy's Life but I had to turn that off halfway for it's "adult themes."

BidenLadysMan asked 10 days ago · 1 answer

I'm in day 4 of severe food poisoning. Chills, fever, vomiting, although its more like dry heaving because i have no appetite, the watery poops, I think it was the Mexican food I had on Thursday. So we should build a wall. I see the truth now🤣🤢🤮

Daniel asked 10 days ago · 20 answers

Do you miss your childhood?

Commons asked 9 days ago · 8 answers

What's the last thing you fumbled?

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