love, caitlin miu

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meow asked 6 days ago

hiii miu may i ask what apps do you use to read books? thank you 🤍

hii love! as for now, i used libby for borrowing books from some libraries there. each library card has different slot and availability as well. kemudian bukunya aku baca langsung di libby or i transferred it to kindle (both pc and phone, as long as it has the same connected email) and i am free to go! :D for indonesian literature you might access it through gramdig or ipusnas dengan sistem pinjam juga. hope it helps baby 🤍

meow asked 10 days ago

You might wanna mention the legitimate and rightful owner instead of putting cr to pinterest when crediting a photo that you randomly encounter and put on online, by the way... That's not considered crediting. Pinterest isn't exactly a source, it's a medium. :]

oh, i just got it that way! all this time i only knew that when i found picture in pinterest, i can immediately put it like that with ‘credit to pinterest’ since you know.. i couldn’t find the rightful owner in some of the sources there too. however, i learned something new here and i will try to repost those who have the exact credit instead . thank you for letting me know!!! <3

Jane asked 15 days ago

sprinkles lots of love around

with the pixie dust by wishing the fairy will be by your side all the time! 🧚🏻‍♀️

Amada asked 15 days ago

Kamu lebih suka hujan deras apa panas terik?

Amada asked 15 days ago

Miu! Gimana hari Rabu-nya? Coba rate dari 1-10!

umm i’ll give it 9, abang! karena mam enak dan diskusi banyak sama papi… :3 how was yours!!

Alrik asked 19 days ago · 4 answers

What's your go-to beverage when you go to the cafe?

Rhiannon Isobel asked about 1 month ago

Spill kegiatan a day in my life ala miuw

woke up at five, pray, having my immune shot then jogging dan grocery shopping (min. 10k steps a day! 🦶🏻) kemudian workout, breakfast and morning reading, doing my laundry and housecores nyapu ngepel bersih-bersih rumah, cook for my mami and papi and have lunch together. lalu i do my work and stuffs sampai evening, kursus kelas untuk sertifikasiku, tea time with papi then prepare dinner. malamnya aku journaling, night pray and skincare, watch something insightful.. and reading again! 🥰 every single day always different but im grateful to witness each of my time wholeheartedly! thank u for asking ya cayang

meow asked 26 days ago

What would you do, when you realise that things on your plate are not like the way you had planned?

forgive myself. there will always be things i can and cannot control and it’s not my fault. put the problems on the table, evaluate, and find the rescue way

meow asked about 1 month ago

EH SALAH ORANG!! Mohon maaf diatas materai

😭😂😂 lucu baneet okie! semoga ketemu sama yg dicari ya anoon

Amada asked 4 months ago

Miu, kamu baca Almond gak?

meow asked 2 months ago

Kalau misal aku bukan JK mau gak? Tapi aku bisa jadi Jungkook buat kamu

Jane asked 2 months ago

I hope the universe continues to treat my Miu good <3 (as you truly deserve!)

i truly wish all the love come upon the sky to right upon my eloise (as she deserves at all time!) <3

IVY asked 2 months ago


meow asked 3 months ago

your words and your presence help me a lot during my dark days. thank you for being a pure soul mima

hii i did nothing, it’s a journey of you with yourself. so instead of thank me, thank yourself who finally can get up from that square one, okay? i love u and im so proud of u, we all are <3

meow asked 4 months ago

Apa syarat jadi pacar kamu

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