Rhiannon Isobel asked 4 months ago

Spill kegiatan a day in my life ala miuw

woke up at five, pray, having my immune shot then jogging dan grocery shopping (min. 10k steps a day! 🦶🏻) kemudian workout, breakfast and morning reading, doing my laundry and housecores nyapu ngepel bersih-bersih rumah, cook for my mami and papi and have lunch together. lalu i do my work and stuffs sampai evening, kursus kelas untuk sertifikasiku, tea time with papi then prepare dinner. malamnya aku journaling, night pray and skincare, watch something insightful.. and reading again! 🥰 every single day always different but im grateful to witness each of my time wholeheartedly! thank u for asking ya cayang

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