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Nameless Grub asked 24 days ago

longtime lurker. you made me laugh on twitter (resonantly, happily) in a time when my soul retreated from my body and nothing touched me. Serious Weakness made me vicious and hungry for life. my boyfriend could not get down with the Weakness, and is tired of me grabbing him and whisper-singing "wormin and grubbin" while he struggles against the pin, but i am not tired of it and will not stop. thank you for sending these blessings out through the wires.

thank you 💜 feeling when nothing feels is always a relief. glad it could bring your appetite back. be good to your boyfriend, in whatever way that means to him

Nameless Grub asked 24 days ago

he's the everytrianon of our generation. thank you for this receipt of damage, and for losing sleep! here's to many years of gay terror 💜🤕

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

Ur stuff is an inspiration Charity. thanks for giving me hopefuel. I started making stuff on my own recently n doing moneys. I’m using Twitter but this place is kinda dying lol but I also like it it’s fun here like a rotting ship. I will never leave. Have a good day 🌻~

Good job doing moneys. Yeah the surface digiverse is super gentrified but it's where the audience is, gotta ride til it breaks. Have a good day to you too pal! 🌵

Nameless Grub asked 16 days ago
Nameless Grub asked 19 days ago

what are hobbies that interest you but you haven't gotten a chance to try out?

i always wanted more time for music and drawing. but most of my artist friends do those exact things, so it's easier to finish a project by joining my writing/design/code skills to theirs. music is an obsession for me, there's def an alternate history where i made a shitload of albums on the same level as my fiction/game work. but time is a limited currency, so i dabble on the side and mostly just share with friends. thanks for asking!

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

online suggests there are such things as “empaths” and “narcissists” doing eternal spiritual battle. what do you think?

there are people who feel too much and get used, there are people who are selfish black holes, but if someone only sees things in terms of attacker/victim, it's harder to grow as a person, to understand that most relationships are messy entanglements that don't neatly fit into either box, and to know the inherent patheticness and fragility of all humans

Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

I saw you Xenosaga posting earlier. Thoughts on Xenosaga????????? Albedo did nothing wrong

Nameless Grub asked 12 days ago

Do you have a newsletter or the like? What's the best way to keep up with your work? Twitter, your blog, Insta, etc.? (Love your stuff, sorry if this question is redundant)

thank you <3
to keep up with my stuff: twitter is my main social, and i post updates on my blog: link
i only use the newsletter for major releases but you can find it here: link

Nameless Grub asked 22 days ago

fucking BASED legend of the 10 elemental masters enjoyer

With 467% magical accuracy, missing is extremely unlikely. I need to go to Hawaii though. 💜🔥❄🌊⚡🔄🗻🌬✨🌑🧪

Nameless Grub asked 24 days ago

what anime should i watch today?

Nameless Grub asked about 2 months ago
Nameless Grub asked 28 days ago

my girlfriend keeps sending me your work since i told her i would let her do anything to me, i wonder what she means by this

Nameless Grub asked about 1 month ago

I don’t know you, but your work is beautiful and I sincerely hope that you are doing ok. You deserve love from life.

💜 i am okay. there are hard times sometimes but people are good to me. and i'm happy with what i make. thank you for the wish 🐛🦇🦟

Nameless Grub asked 3 months ago

Do you ever get hate on your work? Or criticism? I'm just curious cuz I've only seen people say positive stuff abt your work. What do you think about the way people react to your work (in positive or negative sense)? Sorry if this is kind of vague, I can't think of a better way to put it into words.

it is weird, people are very nice about my work!

i've gotten a lot of bad messages mostly early in my career, but even the people who wanted to kill me seemed to struggle to find something bad to say about the work itself, which is nice.

and i have so many stories, there's something for everyone. fun for the whole family…

i also imagine people don't want to criticize niche work because it's more vulnerable or because you can take or leave it. it's clearly for 4D sickos. like a dog...it shits everywhere and bites but this is its nature...and this is mine

Nameless Grub asked about 2 months ago

yo! i appreciate how you don't address where oenone is during radiant muscles. i think it's neat to leave some things unanswered. cheers!


mmhm...there were a few intriguing angles I could have taken but I wanted to keep the focus on the main characters. it's important to let the reader dream. glad you enjoyed, thank you!

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