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Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

What music do you recommand while Reading cunt toward enemy ? Love your work ❤️❤️❤️

thank you 💜💜💜
i think everyone should have their own favs, that's the immortal power of the AMV, but some songs i personally associate:
Evanescence - Tourniquet
The Mars Volta - L'Via L'Viaquez
Carly Rae Jepsen - Favorite Color

Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

thank you! long stuff can be hard yeah. thank god for these abridged Porp Classics 8)

maybe Game Where She Forces You To Kill Everyone On Your Squad? you already named some deep cuts ("Yumpoworld...i haven't heard that name in years..."), i think that's a pretty good cross-section of my games tbh. thanks for playing my little toon hells 💜

Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

What do Jess and Iran look like?(like if they were to be drawn how would you describe them)

Nameless Grub asked 8 days ago

you have a really nice voice! not really a question, though. best wishes :)

Nameless Grub asked 10 days ago

i finally got my gf to start reading serious weakness and she keeps sending me insul quotes and saying it reminds her of the shit i say / do to her. am i going to hell? she wants to marry me btw

Nameless Grub asked 10 days ago
Nameless Grub asked 9 days ago

oh my it took me so long to get to cte 6 but this, this is such good stuff, im devouring it, your works are always so cinematic, i can just see it in my head, ahhhhhhhhh

also in reverse your stories made me realise how a lot of movies can be better just by being a lot more gay

thank you haha i come at it from a very visual angle, i'd love to see them as animations or comics, liquid television...thank you so much! its gotta be gay!

Nameless Grub asked 10 days ago

just curious: when writing, do you visualize your characters the same way you draw them/the way they appear in your drawings? also: hope you’re having a great day 🫶🏻

writing and drawing have overlap but are different. i have more practice writing, so my drawings are more for fun.

when i write, they start as blobs in my head, cohering into insects, liquid focalities, a collage of real and cartoon shards. they are never still, never complete. tutelary spirits or demons.

my drawings are just one interpretation, and i draw them different every time. it helps me think about them in time and space, the logic of their bodies. but i want people to have their own versions.

thanks, my day is good! you too! <3

Nameless Grub asked 12 days ago

miss charity pls know that cunt toward enemy has become a Relationship Activity for my wife and i..... somehow whenever a new part is posted i end up seeing it first, and then i get to jostle her/text her depending on our current proximity and scream about it with her. there was a LOT of screaming with the latest chapter!

seeing people enjoy it with their friends is so nice, i've been really liking the episodic way of releasing it. screamable finale yesss!!
i'm almost done with the next episode. thanks for reading along...cunt toward enemy...the virtuous marital companion!

Nameless Grub asked 10 days ago

how upset was your NSA guy about the research you did for cunt towards enemy?

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

your work makes me feel less alone. and i never really knew how much i needed that--needed to not "feel alone"--to be able to experience the full boundlessness of myself, to have energy to live and dance. can tell you im a better person for it. thank you for sharing.

i'm really happy that's what you got out of it. it can be easy to get locked inside a small part of oneself. dancing is really important, in every possible meaning of the word. thank you for sharing the feeling 💜

Nameless Grub asked 15 days ago

i wouldn't have ever expected to find myself sexually attracted to the idea of a horrifically mutilated explosion survivor, but uhhhh you have a way with words!! 🥴 thank you for expanding people's minds & anuses with your writing <3

love that i could rubi-pill you 💥💊 one of my biggest rewards for writing is getting people to consider what they never would otherwise. there is so much texture within deformity but it’s rarely taken seriously or aestheticized, especially during sex. much more compelling than if he was a mere blond pretty boy. so helpless but so dangerous…i’m so pleased that you get it! <3

Nameless Grub asked 13 days ago

i've been playing armored core 6 and whenever the rubicon liberation front appears i can't help but think "damn i'd like to liberate rubicon's front" i shit you not

haha yeah get in that surgically carved catheter hole!!
it is interesting to think about. a totally denied area held taut by scar tissue, conventional signifiers ablated. intimacy as an engineering or medical problem or sublimated entirely away from the body. cant believe they made a whole game about him but he deserves it. keep fighting for that boy nullpussy ✊🔥🤖

Nameless Grub asked 15 days ago

rubichan!!! 😭
i think that's very eloquent! thank you for your passion!!

yes!! you'll actually learn more about his work flow a couple episodes into season 2. there was a period of physical therapy where it was very hard, and it's still hard with fewer fingers, because he doesn’t like to delegate something so intimate. but he’s built up a set of tools to compensate for his body. and obsession is a powerful motivator.
yesss saw movies always needed to be gayer, they really squandered the potential with each sequel. thank you for coming on this bombfuck journey into the mind of madness…messages like this make it all worthwhile! 💥💐

Nameless Grub asked 14 days ago

i'm sure this has been asked and answered before but i forget so please refresh my memory: is there an official serious weakness companion playlist...

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