Nameless Grub asked 18 days ago

how will agents of innocent be published or delivered? story, game, comic, ??

I have 3-4 novellas and 2 games as WIP that are INNOCENT and/or xrafstar related, each focused on a different dynamic~/time period/evil animal/bodily fluid

This doesn't mean they'll come out; much like a mother who has many children, I must decide who will live and die ;(

If I vibe with a coder or visual artist or Go Crazy In A Specific Kind of Way it's more likely for a game or comic to come out, otherwise things will proceed at the rate I think I can most pragmatically release without getting snared in the thorns of my own brain. If the full vision for a piece is too big I'd like to trickle it out as a micro-game or pic at least…like food…so many ways to expel from the body…multimedia chimera :D

I hope you will get to encounter them sooner than later!