Nameless Grub asked 11 days ago

Have you ever read Dog Ningen (fka Dog N-word)? "Rex is a half man half dog. He was created when a drunk old man forced himself on a stray female dog in the street. Because of his father, Rex has to live his life as a freak rejected by society. So one day… he’s gonna find that man, and rape HIM."

I have not read it but I AM familiar with it. A powerful premise with deep moral conviction. Yet I heard there was not as much dad rape as one might think and this has stayed my hand...I have time in my schedule ONLY for the most quality dadfucking.

Let us consider the competition. Father's Day (2011) began with a reasonable amount of dad rape yet veers away from its subject once more, anxiously realigning itself back to heterosexual harmony with the wholesome substitute of sisterfucking.

Father Figure (ALSO 2011¹, by Guilt|Pleasure) delves far more deeply into the symbolic and literal depths of the dad, and I would place it at the head of the pack so far (despite the tragic denouement² that haunts its genre, a matter of preference of course).

¹What was happening in 2011? Much has been made of the eschatology of 2012, yet 2011 seems the year of cosmic alignmentᵃ for dadfucking. The Mayans warned us!!

²The most natural conclusion is to draw a line to the debt-ceiling crisis and housing shortage of 2011 where many did not feel they had the economic security to house their captive dads which led to a staggering amount of sexy male deaths. Yet is it not better to fuck your dad in the gutter than sleep alone in a great house? In the words of the Roman Catullus…

ᵃThese three works were released in consecutive months: October, November, December; fatherfucking associated with the element of cold, the superannuated, heat leaving the body, demanding the warmth of the sun(son) to rejoin it; the Ice Sign of Incest.