Nameless Grub asked 10 months ago

Hi! If you had to pick, what are your favourite Ballard/Ligotti stories? Do you like Anna Kavan?

Not sure if this is up your alley but re: physical edition of Serious Weakness, Grimscribe Press could be an option, they published The Half Freaks so "mature content" wouldn't be an issue

Ballard: End-game, the Lost Leonardo, the Reptile Enclosure, Deep End, the Voices of Time

Ligotti: The Bungalow House, The Town Manager, The Clown Puppet, The Red Tower

and probably more i forgot since i read both quite early in life

Haven't read Kavan. Good luck to her though.

Thanks for the rec but the word limit for that press is 7500 and they're closed for submissions. Serious Weakness is at least 400 pages of controversial material, and even though my print works have a record of selling out, presses aren't likely to touch something with that financial-cultural overhead. I'll get it up on KDP paperback at minimum though ✌

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