Nameless Grub asked 11 months ago

hey porpentine, I’ve been reading and playing your stuff for I think almost a decade now, since I was in high school, and the effect it’s had on my heart and brain and guts is immeasurable and complicated and wonderful. i hope that I can make something someday that can make people feel the way your work makes me feel. i’m glad I could get to see your stuff in this life. thank you, take care, and happy new year.

getting this message made me so happy. thank you for being so sweet. 💜 v important to hit all three of those organs!! BAM BAM SPLORCH

it is still weird feeling but good to know i'm part of the world over a period of time, that i have an existence...thank you for reading it for that long. everything i made came from an intense feeling something else gave me, i'm sure you can keep the chain going. ⚡✨

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