Nameless Grub asked 17 days ago

Sometimes I find your work very frightening and difficult to read but it has immense spiritual value to me in a world that prohibits suffering (“these people who want everyone to have a good time”). My life is quite fearful and lonely but your writing and the example of your life give me hope. Thank you for all you do, hope your day is good. Here it is a clear dark blue night with stars but no moon.

I'm glad it's frightening and difficult. Not all suffering is spiritual, but I try to accomplish this with mine. The psycho nymph exile quote you picked is perfect too….

I'm sorry for your fearful and lonely life. Those things hurt so much. I hope you find tendrils outside of it. Thank you for the clear dark blue night, mine is a bright baby blue day, a pale afternoon powder. We will see if the night comes. Bless your heart!

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