Nameless Grub asked about 2 months ago

if there was an official serious weakness perfume, what would it smell like?

i love this question

i'd do two perfumes

Trianon "Drama Free Zone"

Open with lignin and a pinch of woodsy turpentine. Decayed paper and oil paint. Arch this dry sweetness into a surprisingly cloying coconut and phenylacetic acid combo. A feminine bathroom running over. Then we dry down with refreshing wet branches, the smell of grassy mud tracked in, the edge of a rainy forest. Formulated by Olympic Orchids. We take you from processed plant products into the real forest.

Insul "Bullet Wife"

Abrasive chemical opening, something cheap and blue and closer to body spray, then we give you the sweat and grime that body spray is covering up, you smell the copper, the tar, we transition with gasoline, benzene drying into a sweet, metallic Monster energy/antifreeze combo.

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