Nameless Grub asked 10 months ago

Hi Charity Sorry for kind of long traumadump-ish ahead, you can ignore it-or reply if its interesting to you. I’m glad you seem to be doing well and I hope you continue to do well in the future. :o)

What advice do you have for a creature thats been completely ground to nothingdust by the indie-games rape machine, trying to look towards the future and find a niche in the capitalist engine to feed itself off of? It is somewhat interested in doing freelance indie (probably not games) but it is terrified of the interfacing that is similar to trauma. It is also scared of being ground up more by the rape engine. Or of trusting a clueless person then being betrayed and having its trust fed to the rape engine. It thought about going back to school to get a real job (or something like it) but is 50% unsure of its ability to survive school. It is also concerned about the morality of processing products of the torment nexus which a lot of the potential jobs it took could be, except in incredibly specific niches. It also kind of has some hang-ups about the path of becoming stable and wants to break itself forever because the pain is never enough to be taken seriously. But it doesn’t want to end up destroyed again because it placed all of its financial stability in a rape engine that found a method to murder a person twice. That’s all.

School is a debt scam where people are guaranteed fake jobs they will be fighting over at a 1000:1 ratio + get needlessly exposed to covid. Some people can make it work but you have to know exactly what you want to get out of it, need a very specific mentality to be fucked enough to survive it, need to run your own counter-scam, and probably amphetamines.

There are exceptions to everything, if you know the 4D clout-grant-resource game you want to run or find some kind of academic slip n slide then go for it. But being 50% sure sounds bad when it already eviscerates the people who are 200% sure.

A lot of indie / freelance stuff doesn't require a degree. You can learn anything off the internet.

Stability is the priority, abstract concerns are pointless in your state. Everyone has to find the shitty hustle that is the least shitty for them. Cynical on the workside so you can be soft on the playside.

Knowing other people is the main way non-rich people survive.

Good luck!

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