Nameless Grub asked 3 months ago

Do you ever get hate on your work? Or criticism? I'm just curious cuz I've only seen people say positive stuff abt your work. What do you think about the way people react to your work (in positive or negative sense)? Sorry if this is kind of vague, I can't think of a better way to put it into words.

it is weird, people are very nice about my work!

i've gotten a lot of bad messages mostly early in my career, but even the people who wanted to kill me seemed to struggle to find something bad to say about the work itself, which is nice.

and i have so many stories, there's something for everyone. fun for the whole family…

i also imagine people don't want to criticize niche work because it's more vulnerable or because you can take or leave it. it's clearly for 4D sickos. like a shits everywhere and bites but this is its nature...and this is mine

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