Nameless Grub asked about 2 months ago

i dunno how to phrase this exactly, but you're a huge gender inspiration to me. i used to feel pretty hopeless about my transness because i'm no good at traditional femininity, so encountering you & your work & an approach to transfemininity that's more about playing with gender and enjoying being a weird lil guy (female) rather than super rigidly being a conventional capital-W ""Woman"" was a revelation for me. (obviously i don't actually know you, so i'm really sorry if this is a total misread of your identity or comes off as backhanded or w/e. i mean it in the most admiring way possible <3

Yeah that kind of gender nationalism is joyless and neurotic and impossible, a sport for people without personality. the only point is having fun and fetishizing shit. because that's all the opposition is doing: fetishizing identity without the decency to derive a shred of warmth or comfort from it.
I don't id with "transfemininity" or anything, I'm a chimera morph of every gender and animal. No genders, only verbs. The only unifying characteristic is the inherent patheticness of all life. Everything else is propaganda.

But yeah, we're talking about the same thing in our own ways. It's nice to be seen and nice to know you got that from my stuff <3 I love that every varietal of guy or girl or w/e has seen themselves in my work at some point, I feel deep connection to all of them. I love scintillating off those facets, or holding hands where the meat splits.

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