Nameless Grub asked 6 days ago

I’ve only read cunt chapter 1 and I’m ineloquent but I want to send you my most immediate most raw meat most cerebrospinal fluid still steaming thoughts: rubichan, in the state he’s in, as obliterated and ravaged and total loss as he is, crafting something like that… it can’t be easy, right? he’s working so hard and so desperately? For connection for comprehension for destruction for annihilation…… a creature of frayed and flayed flesh and bone and nerves seeking infrared-homing vengeful pitiful……. I drink this yaoi bouqet for that alone so deeply, and the saw film dubcon is just. Infinite chef’s kiss. I can’t believe I get to read more of this, of him and them!!!

rubichan!!! 😭
i think that's very eloquent! thank you for your passion!!

yes!! you'll actually learn more about his work flow a couple episodes into season 2. there was a period of physical therapy where it was very hard, and it's still hard with fewer fingers, because he doesn’t like to delegate something so intimate. but he’s built up a set of tools to compensate for his body. and obsession is a powerful motivator.
yesss saw movies always needed to be gayer, they really squandered the potential with each sequel. thank you for coming on this bombfuck journey into the mind of madness…messages like this make it all worthwhile! 💥💐

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