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oliv fans asked 4 months ago


Vincent. asked 4 months ago · 16 answers

Hello, this is the first time i’m reaching out to all of you, but does anyone want to be friends with me on Twitter?

berryl asked 8 months ago · 29 answers

if you become an idol, what emoji would you use?

Angel asked 8 months ago · 31 answers

How do you deal with anxiety?

Vielza Hasby A. asked 8 months ago · 6 answers

Hello, ladies. How was your day going so far?

Angel asked 7 months ago · 36 answers

What song always makes you cry?

bukan always, tapi akhir akhir ini bikin nangis ( sial - mahalini ) SIAL SIALNYA KU BERTEMU DENGAN CINTA SEMUUUUUU

𝐊𝐚𝐢𝐚. asked 8 months ago

Hello Liv! What's your favorite song(s) lately?

Joe. asked 8 months ago

halo cutie, do you like ice cream? follow me okayy.

berryl asked 8 months ago · 38 answers

anyone wanna be friends on twitter? kayak nya banyak yang belum mutualan ya, mau temenan gak?

Essie. asked 8 months ago

Fancy to tell me your morning routine? 😋

ofc! i start by wake up, prayer, make bed, shower, duha, breakfast, and go to school~

Phoebe. asked 8 months ago

Hi there, Liv! I'm the one from that green base here to greet you. Anw, happy the beginning of lovey dovey month, how's your 1st Feb?

hi kak phoebe! [i once knew you] my 1st feb is soooo fun but kinda struggle on that day 😬 hbu? anw, sorry i just saw this :'

Essie. asked 8 months ago · 53 answers

Do you love easily?

Sangaji asked 8 months ago

What makes you happy lately?

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