anonymous freak asked 4 months ago

struggling to word this in a way that doesn't make it feel like i'm interrogating you. this isn't a bait question to stir arguments i would just like to know this up front especially when engaging with porn accounts. what is your opinion on quote unquote "problematique" content like porn involving fictional minors. sorry if you've somehow been asked this before 👍️

i personally do not like anything involving children/minors. usually, when i see this content, i just block the account and move on. it makes me pretty uncomfortable.

that said, it's not my job to go on some sort of crusade to get rid of all the pornographic content i don't like. there are plenty of things i've seen in porn that i really don't enjoy/it makes me uncomfortable, but like, i don't have time to interrogate internet randoms.

i just worry about myself. what can i do to assure MY own happiness. i am not in control of others, but i am in full control of my own personal experience online.

besides, i have come to find that many people who are intensively fighting others for liking loli or whatever do NOTHING to help real life children. that makes me sick. i personally find loli and shit gross, but i think i find REAL LIFE CHILD ABUSE even more abhorrent.

i am a person with a lot of knowledge on child trafficking and will do anything i can to help a kid irl i suspect is in danger. it really upsets me that people will talk big shit online and fight over porn, but do nothing to help real life kids. just shows where their fucking priorities are. being right online is more important than helping real victims.

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