Anonymous Catto asked 2 months ago

Not a question, I just want to say that you don't deserve all this hate and people need to go outside and touch grass, how can people be so angry about a fucking video game, and your relationship with nya people don't have a right to tell you you're better off etc they do not know what you both are like behind closed doors. i hope you pay no heed to all the negativity because you're great <3

I try to not pay any heed but it's hard, since I'm only human. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so it was easier to just ignore. I try my best though. I really do, to not let it get to me, get under my skin, make me feel anything; I'm numbed to the point where its a bit easier for me, but I know many others who would NOT be able to handle this and this is not okay to do to anyone.

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