Anonymous Catto asked 2 months ago

i literally dont know who you are but the fact that you're publicly posting all this melodramatic shit keeps putting you on my timeline because people keep laughing at you - stop publicly responding to these motherfuckers and making a fool of yourself, stop living for the drama, people are literally intentionally harassing you because you have the most publicly embarrassing reactions. All you have to do is just stop posting this shit in public, you're making a fool of yourself every time you do it. If you want your shit to be private, then stop responding to people giving you hate in public spaces because all you're doing is encouraging dipshits like me to message you on your retrospring and stoke the flames because you take the bait every damn time.

.....and I show up on your timeline, and it gives me attention, and people check my patreon and sub,

thanks for keeping the wheel turning, cog.

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