desea asked 3 months ago

So youre given a prompt and it places you in a situation, what is the most outlandish, out of the box, breaking the thought behind the original scenario by choosing an option the asker hadnt considered before that youve ever given or can think of giving

Ignore the situation entirely and focus on a completely minute detail, then extrapolate from there how to break the situation.

Consider the following: "You are going on a trip to an uninhabited island. What items do you bring?" The absolute classic scenario. Now hyperfocus on a minute detail, like the color of the sand. The scenario aims to put you in a scenario where you're alone and cut off from the rest of civilization. This sparks the thought that solution is, therefore, to bring enough sand (of any color, actually) that you can build a bridge back to civilization. The scenario did not specify any practical limits of what you can bring, that's on the asker.

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