rq asked 3 months ago

When is a person "rich" to you?


When is a person "rich" to you?

If by rich you mean the strict sense of rich, wealthy, then it's when they have money. But if you mean richness as in them not being bland, plain, as having a whole life, then it's whoever manages to be content with little, whoever has made many memories, or is invested in things outside a job like volounteering, traveling, art, contributing to foss, etc. capitalism has no worth for me in that sense.

When they can comfortably spend sums that have commas in them

Not sure, when they have so much that I can't process it anymore(?

when they buy a big expensive fuel consuming car and replace it only because they didn't like the color because they can (heard this from a celebrity)

They could live comfortably for the next 10 years with the money they currently have

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